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“Catch the Harpy” is available in English, as both paperback and ebook, on and on local Amazon websites in Europe, Japan, Australia and elsewhere. (U.S.)
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Showing off again.It’s also available on other local Amazon sites, so if your country’s Amazon store is not linked above, just search for “Catch the Harpy.”

However, many people in certain countries have complained it’s impossible to buy Catch the Harpy ebook from Amazon due to the store’s country limitations.

If you’re in one of those affected countries, here’s what you can do.

Send $8.99 via PayPal by clicking on the button below.

with instructions on whether you prefer the .epub or the .mobi file.

Once the payment clears, the author of Catch the Harpy, Sten Hankewitz, will reply to your email with the file, which you can either read on your computer screen, or add to your e-reader. (If you don’t know how to add books to your e-reader from your computer, then Calibre is a good app for that. The .epub file can also be read with the iBooks OS X app.)

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